I'm Zach & I'll help you solve your business problems through Design (UI) & Usability (UX). 

Effective & intuitive UI / UX design and consultation for apps (iOS & Andriod),
responsive web apps, and responsive websites from St. Louis, MO.


What I do


A site isn't worth making if it doesn't drive a user to complete a task, make a purchase, or sign up. I can help you create designs that help users take action to meet business goals.

  Conversion funnel & UX


A great site or application brings together strong engaging design over top of a solid easy to use framework across all interfaces.

Design only, iOS, Andriod, Responsive website design


I can help your clients create exceptional products that hook users using behavioral design principles from BJ Fogg and Nir Eyal.   

Hook model in action

My Services

Conversion Strategy

  • Conversion focused web design
  • Conversion strategy document 
  • Conversion action steps in Invision
  • Website or webapp audit

Behavioral Design

  • Retention and engagement focused app design
  • Strategy document with action steps to increase user engagement 
  • App or Webapp Audit

UI/UX Design

  • Website design
  • Responsive website design
  • Website redesign
  • App design
  • App redesign
  • Web app design
  • Responsive web app design

My Work